Celebrating 100 Years Of Women In Policing

Women in policing

Key women and major moments that have shaped more than 100 years of women in Victoria Police.

For over 100 years, female police officers have played vital roles in Victoria Police. 

We celebrate and honour the women that have made historical changes in Victoria. They have paved the way for women in Victoria Police today. 

100 Years of Women in Policing

On 28 July 1917, Victoria Police employed our first women as 'agents', Madge Connor and Elizabeth Beers. 

In July 2017, we commemorated the milestone of 100 years of women in Victoria Police. Our Victoria Police Museum presented a major exhibition in honour of this milestone.  

The exhibition explored major breakthroughs and landmark events within Victoria Police. They showed a series of stories through the context of social changes and milestones in the wider community.

The stories highlighted the struggles and discrimination women faced, and how this has shaped equality and diversity in Victoria Police today.

Key historical women

Major moments

Timeline of major events