Paintball markers

In Victoria, paintball markers are considered firearms under the Firearms Act 1996.

A non-prohibited person aged 16 years or older can participate in paintball gaming on an approved Victorian range without a Paintball Licence. However, only persons aged 18 years or older are eligible to apply for a Paintball Licence.

In Victoria, a non-prohibited person can only own a paintball marker if:

  • they are the holder of a current Victorian Paintball Marker Licence
  • the paintball marker is for the purpose of participating in paintball events

Paintball markers must be stored in accordance with the storage requirements prescribed in Schedule 4 of the Firearms Act 1996.

Any person considering making an application for a Paintball Licence should be aware that such a licence will not be issued for any purpose other than paintball gaming and that you will have to demonstrate that you have successfully completed a paintball marker safety course when applying.

For information about owning a paintball marker, see Applying for a new firearm licence

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