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Approved Security Industry Organisations

Learn about the organisations recognised by Victoria Police to provide support to security industry stakeholders.

An approved security industry organisation is an organisation recognised by Victoria Police to provide support and professional development to industry stakeholders.

Approved security industry organisations are able to provide the mandatory professional development courses needed to hold a business licence.

A list of approved security industry organisations can be found here.

Requirements for an approved security industry organisation

A security industry organisation must be able to demonstrate it is:

  • structurally sound
  • financially and capably stable
  • an organisation that operates effectively and responsibly as approved by the Chief Commissioner.

 Representatives from Victoria Police and the security industry have established the capability requirements for an approved organisation.

  • Approved security industry organisations must:

    • be licensed
    • have a minimum of 25 members who actively participate in the security industry
    • be owned by its members
    • be capable of providing accurate minutes of meetings, audited annual returns, and membership lists
    • conduct annual, democratic elections of office bearers
    • have a code of practice that its members are required to abide by, which in letter or spirit accords with the standards of the Private Security Act 2004
    • have a complaints-management process for general consumers, members and employees which effectively investigates and resolves complaints concerning members
    • demonstrate a capacity to audit all members on an on-going basis to ensure compliance with their Code of Practice
    • have a process that ensures its members comply with the constitution of the organisation
    • have a process that encourages and provides guidance to its members to comply with their legal obligations
    • develop an active program to identify general operational difficulties and practices of its members in relation to legislation. Additionally, they should be able to provide information and assistance wherever possible to the Licensing and Regulation Division so it may review and/or rectify those difficulties
    • be dedicated to actively developing the professional competence of its members in the security industry

    Application requirements

    When seeking approval as an approved security industry organisation, the applicants must submit specific documentation. For more information on these requirements, please email the Licensing and Regulation Division.

    Conditions of approval

    The following conditions have been placed on each approved organisation by the Licensing and Regulation Division:

    • All records relating to validation of information, maintenance of records and compliance requirements shall be available and presented to the Chief Commissioner or delegate or a representative at any time. The Chief Commissioner or delegate or representative shall inspect and, if necessary, take copies of information provided.
    • On 1 July of each year provide a list of the proposed continuing professional development (CPD) activities and points to be allocated for attendance at those activities to the Licensing and Regulation Division for approval.
    • On 1 July of each year provide an exception report compiled of members not meeting their 12 CPD points for the preceding year to the Licensing and Regulation Division.
    • The Licensing and Regulation Division must be notified in writing within 14 days of any change to the executive committee of the approved organisation.

Continuing professional development (CPD) program

An approved security industry organisation must develop the professional competence of its members through the implementation of a continuing professional development (CPD) program.

If a business licence holder becomes a member of an approved security industry organisation, then the following model to develop professional competence is to be used by the organisation:

  • The potential member must be assessed as having extensive experience (minimum of 5 years) in the security industry that demonstrates the person is competent to operate a security business (provision of a detailed curriculum vitae would be required).
  • To maintain membership with the approved security industry organisation the business licence holder engages in a continuing professional development (CPD) program and must accumulate 12 'CPD points' each year in which a security business licence is held.

Reviewed 29 June 2021

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