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Unwanted sexual behaviour and anti-social behaviour is any form of unwelcome behaviour that makes you or others feel:

  • uncomfortable
  • frightened
  • or threatened.

These behaviours can be physical or verbal, subtle or direct, ongoing or a one-off.

All forms of unwanted sexual behaviour or anti-social behaviour on public transport are unacceptable. Reporting them to Victoria Police helps keep our community safe.

How to report or notify us of an incident

How you report or notify us of unwanted sexual or anti-social behaviour on public transport depends on the situation.

Call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency

For immediate police assistance, if you are in danger, or to report a crime in progress, always call Triple (000).

Text STOPIT to notify us of non-urgent incidents

If there is no immediate danger, or you don't want to make a formal report, you can inform Victoria Police by texting STOPIT to 0499 455 455 from your mobile phone.

STOPIT is a non-urgent, text-based notification service for the discreet reporting of unwanted sexual or anti-social behaviours on public transport.

Text STOPIT to 0499 455 455

NOTE: STOPIT is not monitored live. For immediate police assistance, call Triple Zero (000) and speak to an operator.

  • Once you text STOPIT you will receive a link to an online form that allows you to:

    • share details of the incident, such as the type of behaviour, or when or where it occurred
    • upload an image or video (if you choose).

    You can complete this form at the time of the incident or after it has occurred.

    1. You will get a confirmation text
    2. Our dedicated STOPIT team will review your notification
    3. An assigned police officer may contact you to obtain further information.
  • You can use STOPIT to report the following unwanted sexual and anti-social behaviour.

    Unwanted sexual behaviour

    You can report sexual or obscene behaviours that make you (or another person) feel:

    • uncomfortable
    • frightened
    • or threatened.

    These behaviours may or may not include physical contact.

    Suspicious behaviour

    You can report behaviour indicating that someone may be involved in a crime.

    Bad language

    You can report language that is obscene, racist or offensive.

    Bad behaviour

    You can report offensive, racist, threatening or harassing behaviour that you think may cause alarm or distress.

    You can report a person using, selling or affected by drugs or alcohol that poses a safety risk to themselves or those around them.


    You can report graffiti and/or property damage.

  • STOPIT notifications of unwanted sexual or anti-social behaviour on public transport helps Victoria Police keep our community safe.

    Any behaviour that makes you or other passengers feel uncomfortable or unsafe is worth reporting.

    Notifications made through STOPIT help us:

    • better understand what is happening on the public transport network
    • inform resource tasking to deter offenders
    • help identify and catch offenders.
  • You can help increase awareness by:

    • saving the STOPIT number 0499 455 455 into your mobile phone contacts
    • sharing your STOPIT contact with friends and family who use public transport.
  • Your data and privacy will be protected at all times.

    Only authorised parties can access STOPIT information. There are legislative requirements in place to keep it safe.

    More information on what is collected, used and disclosed, is available on our Privacy page.

Formally report a crime when there is no immediate danger

If you wish to make a non-urgent formal crime report, you can:

What you can report

Below are examples of the types of behaviour you can report.

Types of unwanted sexual behaviour

Examples of unwanted sexual behaviours you can report include:

  • catcalling, sexual comments or gestures
  • intrusive questions or conversation of a sexual nature
  • standing too close or invading personal space
  • upskirting’ or taking photos under another person's clothing
  • pressing or rubbing against people
  • non-consensual touching
  • watching pornography in public
  • flashing/exposure of intimate body parts
  • sending or showing explicit material by phone
  • stalking
  • sexual assault.

Types of anti-social behaviour

Examples of anti-social behaviours you can report include:

  • loud and nuisance behaviour
  • verbal abuse
  • threatening behaviour
  • harassment and intimidation
  • vandalism
  • criminal damage to public or private property.


Support services and other information is available.

Support services

If you or someone you know is a victim of unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport, support is available.

A detailed list of support services is available on our Support and resources for sexual offences and child abuse page.

STOPIT fact sheets in your language

If English is your second language, we have translated information available on how to notify us using STOPIT.

Find fact sheets in the following languages:

STOPIT case studies

Here are some examples of unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport.

Kayla's story

Kayla shares her story of unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport.

Kitch's story

Kitch shares her story of unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport.

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