Firearms licensing

Learn about the Victoria Police Licensing and Regulation Division, including information about firearms and regulation and licence requirements.

The Licensing and Regulation Division of Victoria Police regulates the firearms industry in Victoria.

To learn more about firearms legislation, please refer to the Firearms Act 1996(opens in a new window). You can also view our most recent Statement of Expectations, privacy statements and compliance principles on our Licensing and Regulation Division page and firearm licence fees on our Services fees and penalties page.

Status of current applications

Last updated 05 June 2024 

Application typeProcessing applications submitted
New firearm licence applications 08 April 2024
Firearm licence renewal applications27 April 2024
Online permit to acquire22 May 2024
Manual permit to acquire27 May 2024
Import permits17 May 2024

The application processing times outlined above are indicative only. Complex applications, or those with suitability concerns, may take longer to process.

Additionally, Permit to Acquire applications can take up to 28 days to process. 

Contact the Licensing and Regulation Division

Get in touch about firearms licensing through our online enquiry form.

For enquires requesting application processing updates and approval time frames, please review the status of current applications.

For general information, please refer to the firearms and private security webpages. Our webpages contain information on topics relating to licensing requirements, access to application forms and guides. 

Phone services temporarily unavailable 

The Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) phone services will be unavailable on Tuesday 18 June and Thursday 20 June. 

Normal phone services will resume at 10am on Tuesday 25 June.

Any urgent enquiries during this period should be directed to LRD via our online enquiry form.

About firearms

A firearm is a device that has the appearance of a firearm, and has the potential to fire an object (shot, bullet or other missile) by the expansion of gases produced in the device by the ignition of strongly combustible materials, compressed air or other gases whether stored in the device in pressurised containers (bullets) or produced by mechanical means.

A firearm can be assembled or in parts, and is still a firearm whether operable, or made temporarily or permanently inoperable. There are essentially two types of firearms:

Handguns – firearms that do not exceed 65cm from the butt to the muzzle, are easily concealable and can be fired from one hand (hence the term ‘handgun’), and,

Longarms – firearms that are not handguns.


Handgun - Revolvers and starter pistols that appear to be a handgun.

Longarms - Rifles, shotguns and machine guns.

Regulation and licence requirements

Firearms are regulated by the Firearms Act 1996(opens in a new window).

Firearms must be registered with Victoria Police, and a Permit to Acquire as well as an appropriate firearms licence is required to purchase, possess, carry and use such devices in Victoria.

Firearm storage

On 30 August 2022, several changes to firearm storage laws were introduced.

Firearm owners must store their firearms in accordance with the updated minimum standards set out in Schedule 4 of the Firearms Act 1996. For more information, see the firearm storage page.