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Firearm safety courses

You will need to complete a Victorian Firearm Safety Course and test if:

  • you are applying for any licence other than a Collectors, Heirlooms or Licensed Firearm Dealer licence
  • you have never held a Victorian firearm licence (even if you had a licence in another Australian state or territory)
  • your Victorian firearm licence was cancelled
  • your Victorian firearm licence expired more than 12 months ago


Longarm safety course

Anyone wishing to apply for a longarm licence will need to participate in a Victoria Firearm Safety Course and successfully complete a multiple choice test at the end of the course.

Longarm firearm safety courses are facilitated by Divisional Firearm Officers (DFOs) and run by volunteer instructors from the Firearms Safety Foundation Victoria.

To make an application to participate in a safety course you should attend your local police station and lodge an application to attend a course in person. Alternatively, you can download the application form and return to a Divisional Firearm Officer via your local police station or email.

It is preferable that you attend a safety course in your local area.

In the interest of providing efficient customer service, inquires relating to firearm safety courses should be emailed to your local Divisional Firearms Officer (DFO)

You should include your:

  • full name
  • return telephone contact details
  • general locality

Providing this information will assist DFOs to direct you to a safety course in your local area.

Firearm Safety Courses run on a user demand basis. Courses will not run if there are insufficient numbers. Once there are sufficient numbers to fill a safety course in your local area, you will be contacted by your DFO confirming the course details.

Reading the firearm safety code booklet will adequately help you prepare for the safety course and test.

Handgun safety course

For handgun licence applications, you will need to contact an approved handgun target shooting club to arrange your safety course. At the end of the course you will sit a short, written test of multiple choice questions and as well as a practical test. Our target shooters and clubs page has more information on receiving instruction in using a handgun.

Once you have completed the relevant firearm safety course, you must attach the completion certificate you receive to the licence application form along you submit to Victoria Police's Licensing and Regulation Division.

Your local Divisional Firearm Officer can also help answer your questions about the various courses and tests.

Paintball marker safety course

You will need to complete a Victorian Paintball Marker Safety Course if you wish to own paintball markers and hold a paintball marker licence. You will need to contact a Paintball Operator to book into the course. At the end of the course you will sit a short, written test of multiple choice questions. This paintball safety guide will help you prepare for the safety course and test.

Private security firearm safety courses

You will need to complete a different firearm safety course to those listed above if you want to work with a firearm in the private security industry. Specifically, you will need to successfully complete the 'Control Security Risk Situations Using Firearms' unit of competency which is covered in the following courses:

  • Certificate III Armed Guard
  • Certificate III Cash-In-Transit
  • Certificate III Combined Armed Guard and Cash-In-Transit

You will need to re-take the firearm-specific unit of competency each year. For more information, see Victoria Police's Private Security Training Requirements

Reviewed 08 April 2019