Annual Procurement Plan 2023-24

The Victoria Police Annual Procurement Plan 2023-24 details our procurement activities for the 2023‐24 financial year.

Victoria Police is a large, diverse and complex organisation.

Understand the Victoria Police Annual Procurement Plan, our processes, and planned procurement activities for the 2023-24 financial year.

Victoria Police's procurement processes

Our procurement processes are detailed due to the nature of the organisation and the people, processes, practices, and objectives they support.

To effectively and efficiently procure goods and services across the organisation and achieve the best value for money, Victoria Police’s procurement activity is aligned to:

  • the annual budget allocations
  • the Corporate Plan, and
  • the Chief Commissioner’s priorities and standards.

The Annual Procurement Plan 2023-2024

The Annual Procurement Plan provides a summary of planned procurement activities.

The plan provides potential suppliers with an indication of likely procurements for Victoria Police in the 2023‐24 financial year.

Victoria Police will continue to look for marketplace solutions that:

  • are innovative
  • are effective, and
  • deliver value for money.

Based on information available at the time of publication, we expect to engage with the market in various ways, for the below procurements.

Planned procurement activities for 2023-2024

Victoria Police's planned procurement activities for 2023-24 include:

Procurement title and brief descriptionPlanned market approachEstimated month for market approach (from)Procurement category
Ammunition and distraction devicesOpen tenderJune 2024Uniform and equipment
Supply and certified maintenance of hybrid breathing apparatusOpen tenderJune 2024Uniform and equipment
Replacement night vision gogglesLimited tenderJuly 2024Uniform and equipment
Supply of medical examination quality, non‐sterile nitrile gloves with prick and tear resistanceOpen tenderOctober 2024Uniform and equipment
Provision of rifle telescopic sights and dual beam aiming lasersOpen tenderSeptember 2024Uniform and equipment
Supply of ballistic vests, accessories, and related servicesOpen tenderNovember 2024Uniform and equipment

Online and electronic legal reference material

Materials support the legal research required for the presentation of cases, briefs and evidence in court

Limited tender

January 2025

Legal and evidentiary

Cuff first gloves

Contamination minimisation, dispensed for scientific examination

Open tender

October 2024

Legal and evidentiary

Custody and escort services

Victoria Police has an obligation to care for people in its custody who are:

  • under arrest
  • apprehended
  • remanded, or
  • serving sentences in police facilities, including escorts to and from courts and police custodial facilities

Open tender

June 2024

Animal care and developmentOpen tenderJune 2024Operational support
Replacement of dynamometerOpen tenderJune 2024Operational support

Field catering services

Preparation and on‐site delivery of meal and refreshment packs to Victoria Police members on operational assignments

Open tender

September 2024

Corporate support
Internal audit services for Victoria PoliceLimited tenderMay 2024Corporate support
Security consultancy services (panel arrangement)Open tenderMay 2024Corporate support

Provision of vehicle compaction services

Supply of recycling services for vehicles confiscated or abandoned through the Vehicle Impoundment Program per the Road Safety Act 1986

Open tender

May 2024


Purchase, design and installation of custom fit‐out vans

Vans are to be deployed as alcohol and drug testing vehicles

Open tender

July 2024


Provision of vehicle disposal hubs

Hubs operate from Regional Victoria, to dispose of abandoned vehicles locally

Open tender

September 2024

Enterprise rostering and timesheet solutionOpen tenderJune 2024Information Technology
Provision of tenable cloud‐based for monitoring cyber vulnerability of network devicesLimited tenderMay 2024Information Technology
Enterprise legal discovery software solutionQuotation ‐ multiple providerJune 2024Information Technology

Requests to the Construction Supply Register for construction and refurbishments of multiple police sites

Locations include:

  • Clyde North
  • Point Cook
  • Narre Warren
  • South Melbourne
  • Moonee Ponds
  • the Victora Police Academy
  • Kaniva
  • Robinvale
  • Bairnsdale
  • Rochester, and
  • Dandenong.

Tenders to the Construction Supply Register



Victoria Police procurement category

Victoria Police's procurement categories include:


The Victoria Police 2023‐24 Annual Procurement Plan is current as at May 2024.

All Victoria Police planned procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. The information in the Annual Procurement Plan is provided for planning purposes only.

The Annual Procurement Plan does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by Victoria Police to purchase the described property or services.

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